How To Begin?

Nishad.Karim | March 2, 2012

This is my first post on this (or any blog site for that matter) and so I thought I’d kick-off with an introduction to myself and what I do, albeit briefly.

I’m a PhD student at the University of Leicester in the field of Physics and, after completing my Masters in Physics with Astrophysics, have somehow got myself involved in this very arty project. This has not been as painful a conversion as it may seem, but rather an exercise of adapting my knowledge to aid the Arts. In other words, I haven’t strayed onto the ‘dark side’ (I warn you now, there will be many more geeky pop culture phrases like this in the weeks to come), but rather am working as a physicist on this project. This naturally leads to the question of why a physicist is needed at all…the answer is multi-layered, but in short, I can apply my technical knowledge of instruments and analytical skills, used normally for space exploration and other physicsy areas, to use, instead, on the Framlingham tombs and to boldly go where no man…err or woman…has gone before (see warning)!

There are numerous pieces of research I have, am and will be doing over the next two years (having completed one year already- time goes quick!), involving many instruments, some of which I’ll write about here over the duration along with any other bits of interest revolving around this PhD. My next post will concentrate on one that helps make-up a key component of my work so far; 3D scanning and all its delights, so stay tuned. But until then, I’ll sign off.


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