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Jackie.Hall | May 22, 2012

Spurred on by Paul Bryan’s demo of 3-D photography, I decided to have a go myself not with a building or part of the priory, but with one of the objects found at Thetford Priory in the 1930s. This video shows the result of my first try, using 123D catch.” target=”_blank”>

For objects as well as buildings, it works quite well, so long as you don’t want to look at parts you can’t photograph – in this case, the inside.

Now, I’m trying to get 2 (eventually more) fragments in the same virtual space, so that I can start reconstructing them as a larger object, but so far it’s proving tricky, partly because of inexperience, and partly because the software really is quite complex – brilliant (I’m really grateful to everyone who lets people use their software for free) but a bit of an expert system. Luckily, my beautiful assistant, Nishad (the physics PhD student – see her page) knows more about this than me and is very helpful.

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