What is behind the website’s new look? Version 2

Nicola.Beddall-Hill | December 5, 2012

I joined the RR project in April as a part time research associate and it has been extremely busy ever since. In that time we have conducted 4 focus groups and a online survey to evaluate how well the current website was meeting our users needs in terms of usability and for encouraging engagement with the project. The feedback we gained will shortly be published on the website via the Design group.

Effie, myself and our new research assistant Dursan have been busily working away on the redesign of some aspects of the first version of the website in order to release version 2 which went live in October 2012. We are used the feedback from the research conducted to guide these redesigns. Hence the website’s users were directly behind the changes we are making. We focused upon usability and navigational issues, but also how to encourage engagement via social media to  stimulate involvement with our project and be used it as a evaluative tool in itself (more on this at a later date).

Some of the changes have included more regular updates to the carousel and changes to the top navigational bar. The team section (now ‘about us’) has been revitalized as has research topics. A new section ‘Help us’ has was also added fr our PI to pose some questions he has about the project to the readers. Our aim is to begin to use the groups pages to give more information to you about the different aspects of the project, especially some of the findings. As new material is added this will be shared via Twitter and our new Facebook page so follow us and you won’t miss a thing!

Two literature reviews and various meetings have also ensued to work towards designing our project’s mobile App and finding a suitable partner with which to work with (Engima Interactive). Our scoping meetings have begun we look forward to coming up with some fun ideas of how to present this research via an App!

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