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Phillip.Lindley | December 2, 2013

Research which has its origins in the ‘Representing Re-Formation’ project has received another award, from the innovative CATH project run by Birmingham and Leicester.

The project ‘Walking in Lost Gardens’ will involve collaboration between the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust, Enigma Interactive – who produced our thrilling app on Thetford Priory and the Howard monuments – and me.  It’s a year since I first blogged on the [partially] lost formal gardens at Boughton. Now it is wonderful to start on the development of a new research project as part of the Collaborative Arts Triple Helix scheme.

CATH uses vouchers and a series of four cross-sector workshops to initiate sixteen small-scale projects enabling academics from Birmingham and Leicester to work in partnership with an SME and a small cultural organisation (SCO) to explore productive collaborations, some of which will result in the production of prototype digital outputs (e.g. an iPhone app, touch table app, or web tool) that is suitable for release to the public and/or further development.

The team organising CATH

Boughton House, looking across the fomer Parterre of Statues

Boughton House, looking across the fomer Parterre of Statues

will conduct research relating to the barriers to such collaborative work experienced by stakeholders in each of the three partner sectors (creative SMEs, SCOs, academics), and the ways in which such barriers can be and are overcome. The project’s research and practice will inform the production of a ‘Best Practice Guide’ to Triple Helix collaboration that will be disseminated through the CATH web pages and participants professional networks. The guide will help academics, SMEs, and SCOs collaborate more effectively and offer a case study of the benefits, but also the challenges, afforded by such work, whether or not they employ the CATH voucher/workshops/brokerage model.

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  1. I am fascinated by this study and look forward to seeing the final results

    Comment by Josephine Vannerley — December 20, 2013 @ 3:43 pm

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