Archaeological Resources & Finds for Thetford

Archaeological Resources for Thetford

Very many excavations have taken place in Thetford since the 1950s, mostly on late Anglo-Saxon sites – a period of great importance for Thetford. Many of them have been written up in volumes of East Anglian Archaeology . Other sources for archaeological work in Thetford include the Norfolk Historic Environment Record and the English Heritage Archives (formerly the National Monuments Record).


The 1930s Finds

The plan (see the plan below and click to enlarge) shows part of the priory overlaid with the grid that was used to mark up finds in the 1930s. It was possible to reconstruct this grid from the 1930s find sheets (see the find sheet image below and click to enlarge) and the plan gives an idea of how many different types of find were located where. It’s easy to see that huge amounts of carved stone were found in the presbytery, while most finds of all types were found in the eastern arm.

See here examples of the Finds

Link to download the 1930 Finds plan as a PDF



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