The Order of Things

An exhibition
26 March – 18 June 2012
School of Museum Studies University of Leicester

How do we give meaning to things? Why and how do our cultures categorise? What role do academic disciplines play in shaping our classifications of the world? And how can objects transcend and cross these disciplinary boundaries, including the boundaries between what is deemed ‘art’ and what is ‘science’?

Drawing upon the collections of Leicester Arts and Museum Service, this exhibition contains a series of interpretative interventions reflecting creatively upon the ways objects (inside and outside of the museum) are ordered, defined and understood.

The exhibition accompanies ‘Disciplinarity’ – a one-day symposium on the history and future of academic disciplines (20 April 2012, University of Leicester), held as part of the ‘Representing Re-Formation’ project funded by the national Science and Heritage Programme.

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